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ABC for Arctic boat cruise. On this site you will mainly find information about different cruise adventures in the North of Norway.  Our aim is to unite Suppliers of such excursions in Tromsø and other Places in Troms and Finnmark on one site, which we think will make it easier for you to choose the trip that suits Your needs. 

We really want you to have the best experience ever while visiting both us or other Suppliers of excursions in this wonderful arctic area, which we are so Lucky to live in.

This site is not quite ready yet. More will come.

This is our services for the moment: 

Our services

Fishing Trips

It is almost a must to go Fishing while you are in the North of Norway. Both winter and summer is good for Fishing. Coalfish, Pollock and Cod is the most common to get, and off course we got all Equipment needed for Fishing on Board. We end this trips With a fresh meal out of the Catch!

Northen Lights

We will like to claim that the best Place to just enjoy and watch the wonderful Aurora Borealis is at sea. The black sea observes the pollution from the lighst on land and it also Works as a Mirror when the lights turns up at the best. If you use a tripod you will also get good photos. But we think that the most important is to enjoy it With Your eyes, not through a camera

Whale safari

When it comes to Whale Safari we must admit that we do not know for sure in which area when and if these wonderful animals will arrive from year to year. The big amount of whales usually arrive late October in the Northern part of Norway, and they stay here till approx the end of January.   

North coast cruise

Boat trips to different Places in Troms and Finnmark. We will pick the most wonderful areas when it comes to nature and surroundings. Every Journey has its own story. We can also offer trips from 2 till 7 days With accomodation on Board and on land.

For more information: 

Visit us at the port by Scandic hotel i Fredrik Langes gate 2. 

Call us: (+47) 412 23 417